Physicool is used globally for every-day purposes ranging from the treatment of a sprained ankle, enhancing patient rehabilitation post-surgery to beating the heat of a hot flush. But we didn’t start this way, our origins stem back to the equine market, Physicool’s sister company Equinice, and a small Dorset farm.

Our unique rapid evaporation cooling technology was initially used to treat race horses. It wasn’t until we received feedback from jockeys using Physicool to treat their own pain injuries that we realised the human application. After testing and development Physicool was born. We shot to UK stardom in 2009 when Kay successfully pitched Physicool on BBC’s Dragon’s Den.

Today we continue to grow our range with new products and applications dedicated to enhancing wellbeing and recovery.

How the Cooling Mist works

The Cooling Mist is alcohol based, as the alcohol evaporates off the skin heat and redness are drawn out, gently calming and reducing body temperature. Apply the Cooling Mist to the chest/neck area for long-lasting relief.

“Very few products can tackle hot flushes effectively, but I have to say that the Cooling Mist really works and I recommend it to all my clients. As soon as the mist hits their skin it begins to evaporate, drawing out the heat immediately and evaporating it away. This results in an instant cooling effect and also helps to alleviate redness.”

“Many women are keen to try ‘natural alternatives to HRT’ for many reasons and I would certainly recommend this product for them. Also of note is that the product doesn’t leave any sticky residue after application, and can be used over make-up which will undoubtedly appeal to women! As an added benefit, it leaves the skin feeling quite soft and moisturised.”

Deborah Bruce, Consultant Gynaecologist at London Bridge Hospital, and Council of the British Menopause Society.