The Cooling Mist offers instant, long-lasting relief from the discomfort of a hot flush or night sweat

Cools, hydrates and calms.
Reduces body heat & redness
Instant, long lasting relief.
Clinically approved

Cooling Mist 125ml
Beat a hot flush


Hear what our customers have to say...

I have been using Physicool for the past 12 months, I would be lost without it, I carry it everywhere with me, it comes to work with me in my laptop bag and I keep it handy for when I need to use. I did not want to go onto HRT, I take evening primrose oil tablets to see if they would help with the hot flushes, I know there are many other herbal remedies but at the moment physicool works for me.18th March 2015 By: Carolyn
I discovered Physicool on the internet having read reports that it helped with night sweats and flushing, it has been quite literally a life saver. I use it daily and it has made a huge impact on my conditions, reducing the number of hot sweat incidents and instantly cooling hot flushes. It appears to others as my face spray so I don't feel embarrassed to use it in public. 18th March 2015 By: TERRY
I was getting quite desperate for something to help me when I read about Physicool in the Daily Mail. I ordered a can and have been very pleased with the results, it can be quite embarrassing having a flush when you are in the company of other people but the can fits in my handbag for any emergencies. I even shared it with a group of friends while out for a meal who were also suffering! They were so impressed they couldn't wait to go and buy a can. I keep the spray by my bedside and use it whenever I am woken by a hot flush, it works very fast for me and has certainly helped me through a tough few years.16th March 2015 By: Karen Jayes