The Cooling Mist offers instant, long-lasting relief from the discomfort of a hot flush or night sweat

Cools, hydrates and calms.
Reduces body heat & redness
Instant, long lasting relief.
Clinically approved

Cooling Mist 125ml
Beat a hot flush


Hear what our customers have to say...

This is a great product- as someone who is not advised to use HRT for medical reasons I have been struggling with hot flushes for a while. This product helps reduce the symptoms and provides an almost instant relief. I will be recommending this product to all my friends who suffer similarly. Thank you.19th May 2014 By: Sarah
Already on my second order within weeks – this really works so now keep one by the bed, one downstairs and one in my handbag. If I manage to “catch” the flush in time, the cooling sensation of the spray stops the flush within one or two minutes. Even if the flush is already in progress, the spray helps 95% of the time; it truly is miraculous. I’ve even converted a friend and my sceptical sister in law to the benefits. We are now evangelical about spreading awareness of the product. All GP surgeries should be recommending the Cooling Mist to women who suffer broken nights and embarrassing days due to hot flushes/gushes. Thank you for developing this product!3rd May 2014 By: Karen
Physicool Cooling Mist is a great product that really does what is says. I work in a extremely hot and stressful environment and find this discrete refreshing mist most helpful. I would recommend this long over due product to anyone who suffers from excessive heat disturbance. Thank you.26th April 2014 By: Janeane