Hot Flushes at Night

Hot flushes at night are commonly called night sweats. Hot flushes at night are often more noticeable because they occur at night whilst you are sleeping and not awake to take ‘evasive action’. It’s not uncommon to wake up drenched in sweat. Hot flushes at night are not only embarrassing but can really disturb your’s and your partners sleep.

What causes hot flushes at night?

Most experts think hot flushes are caused by a decrease in the production of oestrogen (or testosterone levels in men), however low oestrogen levels alone do not cause hot flushes. The change in the hormone level upsets the brain’s thermostat making it harder for the body to regulate temperature.

Diminishing or suppressed hormone levels causes the blood vessels to dilate. The dilated blood vessels allow more blood to rush through the body. This sudden increase in blood flow brings with it more heat – typically to the head and chest. This is often prevalent in certain types of cancer treatments.

As with hot flushes, night sweats and excessive sweating affects woman in different ways. Some suffer severe night sweats whilst others sail calmly through.

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Physicool’s Cooling Mist

Physicool’s Cooling Mist offers instant long-lasting relief from hot flushes and night sweats. The mist draws heat away from the skin, reducing skin temperature and calming redness. Results from an independent survey showed that 93% of users found that the Mist helped treat hot flushes, In addition, 87% found that the cooling benefits lasted for over an hour. And when asked ‘Would you recommend the Cooling Mist to a friend’; 95% answered yes.